An Autumn Rain

A Novena With the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady of Sorrows

After praying for 9 days, we have followed Mary into the valley of tears where Our Blessed Mother has shown us that suffering is a part of following Jesus. 

She teaches us that Jesus has opened up a new dimension to our pain. Because of His love on the cross, suffering can now become an expression of our deep and abiding desire for God. It expresses our faith, our hope, and our love.

It’s important for us to remember that our suffering is only as good as the love it produces. The goal for the Christian is not to discover new creative ways to suffer but to hand our pain over to the Lord so that He can transform it into something beautiful.

Suffering can be a blinding, disorienting experience and it is something that we all must go through. Let us never forget that the Lord is good, even in these dark times.

He sends down His autumn rain on those who journey through the valley of tears so that we won’t settle for a mediocre life of fear, but will embrace our cross and our salvation.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us, that we may receive the Lord’s grace as we travel through this valley of tears toward our eternal home.

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    Our mission is to create resources that help groups and individuals rediscover their faith, rekindle a love for it, and let it renew their lives.

    It is our deep conviction is that only radical holiness can bring renewal in the Church.

    With this second Novena in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we are continuing the mission that the Holy Spirit has inspired in our hearts. As God allows, we plan to create more resources that can be used with parishes, families, prayer groups, catechism classes, etc.

    We are looking for others to get involved with our team. If you feel you might be called, please take a look at the types of talent and experience that might be able to support our work.

    Feedback – Marian Novena

    How Did You Feel About the Novena?

    As of day 1 feedback has been pouring in about how this simple prayer has inspired, touched and challenged the lives of individuals, families, and even Catholic organizations. We’d love to hear how you felt too.

    Did you pray it alone or as a group? Did you look forward to each day? Was it easy to share with friends who were not your typical novena lovers? Were there perhaps “God moments” that moved your heart? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

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    1. Eliot Bassett

      I prayed it alone. I love the times for l personal prayer and reflection within the Novena. Ot allowed me to enter a little deeper with our lady than just reading and reputation. I think all novenas should be more like this.


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