Hearts on Fire

9 Week Encounter With God To Transform Your Life

What to Expect?

A blend of Ignatian and Carmelite spirituality

Prayer | Discernment | Fellowship | Discipleship

What to Expect?

A blend of Ignatian and Carmelite spirituality

Prayer | Discernment | Fellowship | Discipleship

Learn to pray and discern like the saints! These tools have been the foundation for the spiritual life of countless saints. Lived well, this experience will change your life.

Develop a deep prayer life without putting work & family obligations on hold. Two essential commitments: 30-60 minutes of daily prayer and weekly meeting.

If only ten among us lead a holy life, we shall kindle a fire which shall light up an entire city. – St. John Chrysostom

Hearts on Fire is an invitation to fall in love with the Lord as you rekindle a desire for holiness.

Groups are intentionally small with only 5 to 10 people.

The Wisdom of the Church

Simple, but Powerful

Daily mental prayer (meditation) is the non-negotiable center.

Fellowship provides encouragement and support.

Discernment centers holiness on responding to God’s will.

Asceticism & Silence help us regain self-mastery, remove attachments,  and create a space for God, so we can remain united to Him.

Required For Everyone

Essential Commitments

Daily Commitments

  • Mental Prayer (30-60 min)
  • Daily Examen (5-10 min)
  • Regular Journaling
Weekly Commitment

  • 1.5 hour meeting
  • Review past week (15 min)

  • Hearts on Fire Retreat
    (One All-Day Retreat)
You must be ready to fully commit to these obligations

Timeline and Structure

Journey Together

Each day prayer is based on readings from Scripture. Then, we come together weekly to share the experiences and lights gleaned from time spent in prayer. Each of us is responsible to help carry our team forward.

4 weeks – Learn meditation and discernment

1 day – Silent retreat

5 weeks – Pray on the central themes of the Christian Life

Asceticism and silence are crucial to the spiritual life, but it is up to each person to best discern the elements for them.


Recommend Removing
Alcohol, sweets, eating between meals, sweet drinks, unnecessary purchases.

Recommend Adding
Regular exercise, good sleep, regular fasting


Recommend Removing
Television, movies, video games, most music,  computer, mobile devices, and internet use.

Recommend Adding
Regular time in nature or away from noise that isn’t specifically prayer.


Why We Started Wildfire

The urgency and seriousness of this moment demands that, to the absolute best of our ability, we fan the flames of personal holiness into the renewal our Church so desperately needs.

Men and women saints have always been the source and origin of renewal in the most difficult circumstances in the Church’s history.

Today we have the greatest need of saints whom we must beg God to raise up. – St. John Paul II