Retreat: Identity in Christ

1. Rediscover our identity in Christ

Christ bursts into our lives and touches the deepest longings of our hearts, calling us to the great adventure and fullness of life in Him. We come to know him as a real person and develop a friendship with him. It is only in coming to know Christ that we discover the greatness we have been called to.  We are valued; we are loved; we are children of our Father; and in our own unique way we are called to be Christ for those around us. We cannot keep this discovery to ourselves. Our mission is to guide others to this same encounter with the Lord.

2. Living authentic discipleship

As we explore our call to be like Jesus, we find ourselves surrounded by temptations, wounded by sin, and drowning in a sea of distractions. At the same time, we see the good we are called to do, but realize the need is far beyond our abilities.

The answer is discipleship: spending time with Christ to become like him so we can fulfill the mission we are called to. The Church offers proven means to live out discipleship, while also giving space for our own unique approach, since a personal relationship requires a personal response.

3. Embracing a call to mission

Through a relationship with Christ we embrace the universal call to holiness and Gospel charity. We also discover our own particular vocation to a religious, married, or single life. In Christ we are also called to live our own individual mission. And while there are many ways to serve our goal should always be to help others truly encounter the person of Jesus.

There are many elements that can help us discern our individual call: the circumstances of our lives, our talents, the desires of our heart, listening to God’s voice speaking in our conscience, and our own generosity. We consider if together these elements seem to point in one direction, and then ask if that brings true peace, interior freedom, and authentic joy (despite any challenges or trials). We trust that if we discern honestly, seeking to align our will to His, we will have life in abundance. This is the challenge and adventure of a truly Christian life.