A Rushing Wind

A Novena With The Holy Spirit

A New Pentecost

Just the Beginning!

After praying for 9 days, the Holy Spirit came down on the apostles, and they were never the same. After this Novena, we hope the Holy Spirit powerfully impacts your life and continues to be a daily part of your prayer.

We live as we pray and pray as we live. Here is a reminder for some concrete ways to take our prayer into our life and continue to prepare ourselves to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

  • Fortitude: by embracing life’s challenges – asking for strength, not for ease
  • Counsel: by seeking out and making time for silence
  • Piety: by treating everyone as brothers and sisters in God
  • Fear of the Lord: by meditating on God’s awesomeness
  • Knowledge: by gratitude for good things, so they can lead us to God
  • Understanding: by responding to God’s invitations with docility
  • Wisdom: by seeking an ever deepening relationship with God in prayer

More From reCatholic

Our mission is to create resources that help groups and individuals rediscover their faith, rekindle a love for it, and let it renew their lives.

Our conviction is that only radical holiness can bring renewal in the Church. As we discerned the first resource to create, we felt the Holy Spirit was asking us to develop this Novena in His honor.

Everything came together with so much providence, that we are still in awe of God’s marvelous waysWe feel the Holy Spirit wanted it to happen, and for whatever reason, He wanted you to be a part of this journey. So thank you for joining us!

As God allows, we plan to create more resources that can be used with parishes, families, prayer groups, catechism classes, etc. We hope you will follow along as we see what the Lord has in store for reCatholic!

We are looking for others to get involved with our team. If you feel you might be called, please take a look at the types of talent and experience that might be able to support our work.

Feedback – Holy Spirit Novena

How Did You Feel About the Novena?

As of day 1 feedback has been pouring in about how this simple prayer has inspired, touched and challenged the lives of individuals, families, and even Catholic organizations. We’d love to hear how you felt too.

Did you pray it alone or as a group? Did you look forward to each day? Was it easy to share with friends who were not your typical novena lovers? Were there perhaps “God moments” that moved your heart? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below!


  1. Craig O.

    My favorite part was “Coming into God’s Presence.” This was so helpful to do before praying and the different perspective each day gave me something new to think about. I’d love some kind of collection of these to help me prepare for my daily prayer! Overall, it was excellent. Thank you reCatholic team for all you did to make this possible!

    • reCatholic Team

      Thanks for the feedback! We added that idea to our list.

  2. Andrew M.

    WOW! I truly enjoyed this with my spouse! We prayed it together each day and then discussed how we were moved by the Holy Spirit or what areas of our life we felt needed to be discerned better in God’s presence. We appreciated being challenged in our faith, and the fact that this allowed us to speak about our God’s presence in our lives in a very natural way.

    I’d love to see more resources on prayer, especially for families: maybe even a version that would allow kids to pray along.

    You guys did an amazing job – I shared this with all my friends!

    • reCatholic Team

      Great idea! We’ve added prayers for couples and families to the list for the future. Thanks for praying with us!

  3. Teresa H.

    I found this novena to be so helpful. It was not like any other novena that I’ve previously seen.

    It was real, it was relevant, and honestly, there were parts that moved my soul quite deeply.

    The Catechesis section was especially helpful to get an understanding of each of the Gifts.

    I prayed with a group some of the time, and by myself some of the time. Both were wonderful experience. During our first day, there was not a dry eye among us, and we needed to take some additional time to spend with the Lord.

    I honestly wish I had something like this available for me to use in my daily prayer.

    Thank you reCatholic for all of the time you put in to write this novena!

    • reCatholic Team

      We’re considering some weekly or daily form of prayer aid! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Jennie

    I can’t say thank you enough!

    Two years ago, my husband and I lost our daughter. It was devastating for our family, and it had a substantial impact on my faith. In losing her, my prayer life became empty. Over the last few months, I felt God trying to reach out to me. Always through gentle invitations. In what I call one of those “God moments,” the Holy Spirit Novena was presented to me. It was to start on the day of our daughter’s passing. It was the “Okay, God, I see you. I hear you” moment that I desperately needed. It was emotional, to say the least.

    The Novena has provided a way for me to invite the Holy Spirit back into my life more openly and let Him work instead of taking it all on myself.

    • reCatholic Team

      Thank you so much for your courage to share and pray with us!

  5. Brynn

    When I was invited to sign up and pray the Novena with my co-workers, I was a bit timid, as I’ve never prayed this before.

    After day one of prayer, it has changed my life in a profound way. Something that I thought would be so intimidating, ended up being beautifully written, and very easy to understand.

    I am so grateful for having this amazing resource to share with friends and family.

    Thank you and I cannot wait to see what is next!

    • reCatholic Team

      Thank you for taking the risk to pray with us!

  6. Bernardo de C.

    This was definitely one of the most helpful novenas I can remember praying. The whole approach and structure was so conducive to solid prayer. I was particularly struck by the “gift” element of it all; we do our best, we attune our hearts and our minds to the Holy Spirit’s movements and promptings, but ultimately it’s His gift. This attitude of humble openness and receptivity has really changed my approach to prayer. So my only question would be: what other materials is the reCatholic team working on?? I’d love to see other series in this same format.

  7. Isabela

    I really liked how unique this was. It wasn’t repetitive like the typical Catholic prayers I grew up with. This Novena helped me a lot with my interior dialogue with God in a way that allowed me to be open and honest in His presence, as I allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me. I believe this Novena can help those who, like me, tend to get distracted and have a hard time staying in God’s presence while praying. Thank you for putting this together for us.

    Come Holy Spirit and enkindle in us the fire of the Father’s love!

  8. Carol

    I just lost my husband Apr.1st. There is this hole in my heart, the novena came at a good time in my life, I felt connected to people when I prayed it. It made the H.S . More alive to me. I find being with people brings me closer to my God, and now that I am alone it is more important to connect with people.

    • reCatholic Team

      We’re sorry to hear about your husband, and will keep you in our prayers as well, Carol.

      Yes, human connection and ongoing support is so important for us to remain strong in our faith. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Gary Gilliam

    Thank you so much for this unique resource. Though I normally pray each morning and have for several years, this truly opened up my heart and soul to the Holy Spirit in ways I’d never experienced before and I can’t thank you enough, not only for what I’ve leaned, but for your allowing me as a Protestant to participate.
    I look forward to participating in any future programs that you present.

    • reCatholic Team

      The Holy Spirit desires to touch us all in ways that are ever new and exciting! Thank you so much for praying with us, Gary. We look forward to having you join us as we continue to discern what the Holy Spirit has in store for the future.

  10. Celina Woods

    I loved it!!! This definitely made my days blessed! I had the time to be close to God, to talk to him, and to listen to him.

    In a special way at this time in my life, I need the Holy Spirit to guide me as a mother teaching my daughters values, and the wonderful LOVE of God.

  11. Luz

    I recently started with a daily 30 min morning meditation routine, in hopes that I could make it a habit and better cultivate listening to God’s voice and instruction. I was looking for for something to guide me through it, and these Novena reflections and prayers were exactly what I needed. They fit perfectly with my purpose and needs and provided me with a structure that allowed me to feel engaged, enlightened, and devoted. I will for sure continue using these as part of my daily morning routine, although I wish I could continue receiving new ones! I pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten the reCatholic team and volunteers to create more of these!

    • reCatholic Team

      Thank you! We have another one in the works and four planned so far!

  12. Laura Redman

    This has been such a beautiful journey! The first time I have prayed a novena like this. It is a wonderful novena, so well written. I especially like the dive deeper section, it helped me understand this precious gift so much ! Thank You

    • reCatholic Team

      Thank you Laura! We’re so glad to hear it!

  13. Trudy Boynton

    Thank you for this beautiful Novena. Today is Pentecost Sunday and I am truly prepared to celebrate the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. Only one other time in my prayer life have I felt so prepared and it is such a wonderful gift! I have prayed to receive not only the Gifts of the Spirit but also the Fruits. And I have promised I will use each and every one. I ordered the book too because I didn’t want to lose this rich experience. And now I want to give this book to others and make it available to all in our Church gift shop. How can I place a bulk order? I really want to share this with everyone. Come Holy Spirit!

    • reCatholic Team

      Yes, we do offer the book wholesale. We’ll have someone from the team reach out! God bless you!


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