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52 Reflections on JPII's vision for the Laity

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What does it actually mean to be a lay person in the world? How are we to serve God, His Church, and His world? How are we to reach holiness?

A lot of the answers we hear can be boiled down to one of two misguided views:

Mistake 1:The laity can just sit back and do the bare minimum. Most of the work is for the bishops, priests, and religious.”


Mistake 2: “The laity needs more authority and power and we really don’t need these bishops and priests telling us what to do.”

The issue? Neither of these takes are what the Church actually teaches. For years, there has been extreme confusion about what it means to be a lay person, which is why Pope St. John Paul II wrote Christifideles Laici.

52 Weekly Reflections

This is his Apostolic Exhortation on the Mission and Vocation of the Lay Faithful and it has gone largely unread! In it, he shows how the lay life is central to God’s plan for the world and how it is meant to lead us to the height of holiness.

The lay life, like priestly and religious life, is designed to make us saints who transform the world and renew the Church.

Here at reCatholic, discovering Christifideles Laici has lit a fire in our hearts and transformed how we live out our lay vocation to help serve Jesus. And we want to make this treasure accessible for you too.

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Week 9: The Laity Belong To The Church

Last week we saw that the laity is a source of hope and love. This leads us to paragraph No. 9 of Christifideles Laici and John Paul II’s next teaching that the laity belongs to the Church and is responsible for helping Her to thrive!  The laity plays an important and...

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Week 8: The Laity Is A Source Of Hope And Love

The challenges are immense, even overwhelming. Facing the sheer depth of despair, anxiety, helplessness, and fear in the world and in the Church can make us discouraged. Very quickly we begin to hear the lie creep in, “This is all too much. What can you do? You are...

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Week 7: The World’s Hunger For Truth

When you look at those who don’t follow Jesus or engage with Catholics who don’t take their Faith seriously, what do you see? Do you see an enemy? A problem to be dealt with? An annoyance to be ignored or side-stepped? Or do you see someone who is secretly miserable,...

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Week 6: Secularism In The Church

The Church itself is not immune from secularism. All of us are tempted to fall into cultural Catholicism. We continually try to create a way to keep our Catholic card but live like the rest of the culture. But to be Catholic is to be countercultural. To follow Jesus...

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Week 5: The Urgent Issue of Secularism

Everyday life is filled with extreme challenges and temptations. Our culture is surrounded by sexual exploitation, unhealthy lies about how to live, and everywhere there is rage, anxiety, and despair. This is the reality of secularism. But the laity is called to more...

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Week 4: Why Do You Stand Here Idle?

“Why do you stand here idle all day?” (Mt. 20:6) The world needs you. The Church needs you. Christ is calling you. So why do you stand here idle? Is it because the brokenness of the world feels too overwhelming? Is it because it is easier to spend life doing things we...

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