Confession Cards

Grow in Virtue, Overcome Vice

Confession Cards

Grow in Virtue
Overcome Vice

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A Closer Look

Creating cards that are simple, deep, and practical: a saint, a prayer, and a link to the richness of the Church in an accessible format.

These cards come in both English and Spanish, as will all the resources that they will link to.

All cards will focus on growth in virtue, with accessible resources point each penitent to the Church’s wisdom and tools for deeper reflection and prayer.

Each beautifully designed card will have original artwork by a Catholic artist.

All the online content will be 100% free through our website.

A Brief Overview of Each Set

Although the final format will still change, you can see an example here:

Set 1 – Growth In Virtue

Virtues according to the spiritual masters – deep, but accessible

Theological Virtues

These cards will help Catholics dive into an authentic & deep understanding of the theological virtues, show how they can be practically lived, clarify misunderstandings.

Faith – We believe in God and accept all that he has revealed

Hope – We trust God to be faithful to his promises if we correspond to his grace

Charity – We love God as our perfect good and our neighbor for love of God

Moral Virtues

These cards will help Catholics see the importance of human virtue to direct our lives to true happiness and our greatest fulfillment.

Prudence – A crucial virtue since it helps us direct all our decisions and actions.

Justice – Directs all our relationships and how we live our duties and obligations in life.

Temperance – The ability to moderate all our desires and be in full control of our actions.

Fortitude – Develop a firm character and strength of will despite the many difficulties of life.

Other Virtues & Spiritual Life

Humility – To recognize the our own weakness and imperfections, in order to rely on God and become who He calls us to be.

Patience – Although part of fortitude, it merits a card of its own. In this valley of tears, it’s critical to be able to bear with both physical and emotional suffering in order to love a fully Christian life.

Examination of Conscience for Adults – Many conscience exams just focus on a laundry list. These resources will help Catholics understand the root causes of our sins.

Set 2 – Overcoming Vice

Key struggles and vices in the spiritual life

Key Struggles

Cards and online resources will be written with maximum discretion to avoid unintentionally revealing the penitent’s conscience. 

Self Giving – Focus on various elements of this virtue, but primarily be directed towards those who struggle living chastely.

Friendship – Support the development of healthy relationships in general, while providing support for anyone struggling with homosexuality.

Inner Healing – Resources for a variety of needs, but specifically directed towards overcoming trauma.

Forgiveness – Help to overcome the emotion and impact  of suffering caused by others.

Peace – Support for acceptance of God’s will in suffering and trials, but specifically designed to help people struggling with anxiety or self-worth.

Inner Freedom – Generally encourage inner freedom as  a necessary virtue to direct one’s own life, these resources will also support the struggle with substance abuse.

Devotion – Focus on a healthy exercise in piety, directed towards struggles with superstition in living the faith or occult practices.

Purity of Intention – Help us keep our heart and lives for God and others, especially for those who struggle with vanity and a disordered concern about the opinion of others.

Discernment – Focus on coming to know and live God’s will in our life in general, with help in determining the course of action in difficult situations or a life-long vocation. 

Other Virtues & Spiritual Life

Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Not a key struggle, but resources for Catholics to rediscover the importance of the Gifts according to St. Thomas. 

The Team Behind Confession Cards

reCatholic is committed to renewal in the Church, starting with each of us. Our goal is to provide the entire richness of the Catholic faith on a few small cards you can carry with you.

All the content is being developed by a team of experts in theology, psychology, and spirituality.

The cards are designed based on feedback from priests to help people grow in everyday virtues, answering the concrete struggles we all have on our confession lists.

“A gate into the richness of the Catholic faith;
a springboard for people’s spiritual life.”

– Fr. Dominic Sternhagen

“A gate into the richness of the Catholic faith;
a springboard for people’s spiritual life.”

– Fr. Dominic

Support the Mission with Your Order

Our team has completed the first set of cards, additional orders will help make the remaining 10 cards a reality!

  • Goal Progress: 113 56% 56%

Goal 1: Complete First Set of Cards

We created the first set of 10 Confession Cards. The first set will include the 3 Theological Virtues, 4 Cardinal Virtues, Humility, Patience, and an Examination of Conscience for Adults.

Goal 2: 100 Complete Sets

We’ll be able to make a second set of 10 cards, with support for specific struggles such as trauma and addiction. Priests have asked for cards that are directed to particular needs, which tend to be sensitive in nature. So, they will be discreet and still focus on growth in virtue. For example, peace (for anxiety) and self giving (for chastity).

This has been a highly requested set from the priests we have worked with.

Goal 3: Over 200 Complete Sets

We can create expanded online resources, additional materials like posters, mini courses for each card.

Additional purchases will support the necessary ongoing updates and additional materials to support our priests.

Purchase a Set For Your Parish

Any purchase goes directly to a priest, parish, or diocese. Once ready to ship, we will contact you to confirm the destination.

If you would like to make a larger gift, we will send the sets to a mission diocese that can’t afford the cards themselves.

Any priest who receives multiple sets, can donate their packs to another parish or mission diocese of their choice.

Order a Set for Your Parish

Each card is sold in packs of 50 and available in both English and Spanish. 

We estimate 15 packs (750 cards) is enough cards for a full year.

Set of 7: $104.25 $95.00

Set of 15: $224.25 $195.00


Don’t want to purchase an entire set? If you make a donation of $19.95 we’ll send you one of each card for yourself, and one of each to share with another priest or a friend!


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