Wildfire Groups – In The Upper Room

A community passionately striving for holiness to renew the Church

Inspired by Christifideles Laici, Wildfire Groups are a return to the Upper Room where the Lord rekindles a fire in our hearts and radically transforms our lives.

“Men and women saints have always been the source and origin of renewal in the most difficult circumstances in the Church’s history. Today we have the greatest need of saints whom we must assiduously beg God to raise up.”


St. John Paul II, Christifideles Laici 16

The Upper Room – Key Elements

1. Continual Deepening of the Lay Vocation & Mission:  Understand and live Christ’s call to bring the Gospel to the ends of the Earth, then ongoing discernment and docility to God’s will for me in each moment.

2. Ongoing Transformation in Christ: We rediscover the path to holiness given by Christ and passed on by His Church. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are continually remade into a new creation in Christ.

3. Growing in the New Commandment of Charity, Source of Communion & Mission: Regularly coming together and growing in authentic human connection through fellowship (shared interest), mutual support, and active apostolate.

Defining Wildfire

Wildfire is simply a group of people seeking to become saints to renew the Church, by living the Wildfire Approach. It’s primarily about what happens when people passionately strive to live radical holiness together. I am better because I live my faith with others.

Not a format for groups: Though, there will be structure to provide a uniform experience, Wildfire is NOT a process that will automatically create holiness or renewal.

Not content: reCatholic will produce videos, books, and resources to support Wildfire, but it’s not enough to have good ideas and inspiration to nourish the mind and heart.

Not a new spirituality: The Church already proposes so many proven forms & approaches to living the Gospel. We propose an approach to rediscovery, rekindling, and renewal of the faith.

Not a Third Order or Movement: We do not believe there should be vows, promises, or a lifetime commitment.

Author: Nathan Hadsall

Author: Nathan Hadsall

Nathan was a seminarian for 8 years before discerning the call to lay life. He is married with 3 kids and runs Sprout Studio, a full service marketing and IT agency with a dedicated department, Catholic Support Services, to support Catholic organizations and ministries. His passion is helping his employees and clients discern, grow into, and follow God's direction for their lives or organization.